[Announcement] Joining Harambeans: Building Africa's Future

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As an entrepreneur at heart, I am driven by impact. I sit impatiently for change to happen. I strive for good to come.

In this season, I transitioned on from two years of working with AR and industrial software development at PTC to join Harambeans. Harambe is a network of young Africa entrepreneurs (Harambeans) who are scaling ventures such as Andela, Flutterwave and Yoco. The premier destination for African entrepreneurs. A Y-Combinator for Africa if you will. Collectively the 300+ Harambeans in the Alliance have raised over $400M, created over 3000 jobs, and are building ventures valued at over $1B…


The name of Harambeans is derived from “harambee,” Swahili for working together toward a common purpose.

What excites me about joining the Dream Team as the first-ever Venture Partner is I have the privilege of having my finger on the pulse of where prosperity and development is going in Africa. In managing two Fellowship programs funded by IDP Foundation and Oppenheimer Generations Philanthropy, we have the opportunity to drive knowledge recycling within our network–ensuring a positive feedback loop for more market-creating ventures to come for the continent. Our venture support team is also actively planning ecosystem gatherings that bring together our network in Rome, Silicon Valley, and our inaugural Global Summit in South Africa in February 2020.


As I begin my time in this role, I cannot help but reflect on my own journey as an entrepreneur building TradeRoutes and Luccia in my past. Navigating the peaks and valleys of building something that has never been built before. Facing new challenges every day with the confidence that all will be sorted down the line. I now step into the shoes of each of the 304 Harambeans with the aim of helping each of them step up onto platforms that will help shift the narrative of what can be possible for Africa.

Moving forward, I will hold firm to the promise of the Harambeans Declaration:

“Yet in the end, the Africa our generation desires can be won, it exists, it is real, it is possible, it is ours.

Harambe on!

Want to join our team? Check for openings on AngelList!

Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee

Venture Partner at Harambeans working to build the future of Africa through building market-creating innovations.

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