[Recap] Harambeans Global Summit

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Oppenheimer Keynote

This past weekend, our Dream Team at Harambeans hosted our inaugural Global Summit in partnership with Oppenheimer Generations Philanthropy in Franschhoek, South Africa.

This historic gathering of 100 entrepreneurs, investors, and market-creating innovators convened to:

  1. Assess the Progress of Market-Creating Innovation through the Findings of the African Innovation Report.
  2. Share Learnings and Best Practices Pioneered by Leading Entrepreneurs and Investors.
  3. Build Friendships and Strengthen Partnerships in the New Coalition of Market-Creating Innovators.

Here’s a deep dive into each area of focus:

1. Africa Innovation Report

Africa Innovation Report

The 31-page report was compiled to trigger and stimulate an annual conversation that nuances the Alliance’s appreciation of market-creating innovators operating in Africa.

“We want to help our audience understand the challenges that start-up ecosystems face across countries and the best practices that are emerging. By informing the conversation on start-up investment, acceleration and growth, Harambe can spread the ideas that are working, faster, and stop those that are not, faster” - Okendo Lewis-Gayle, Founder of Harambeans

2. Share Learnings and Best Practices

3. Build Friendships and Strengthen Partnerships

As the chief summit organizer, I was responsible for the organizing of event outreach, logistics, programming, and media coverage. It was a full team effort

Global Summit Support

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Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee

Venture Partner at Harambeans working to build the future of Africa through building market-creating innovations.