About Me

I am a (1) runner 🏃‍♂️ (2) creator 💻 and (3) doer ⚡️ currently working on developing solutions between our physical and digital worlds at PTC.


🏃‍ Runner

The sport of running has been a framework for my personal growth. From my first road race in the 2013 Boston Marathon to my continual pursuit of completing the World Marathon Majors, each run represents a step in bettering myself and others.

My current challenge is working on Breaking3, my running campaign (inspired by Nike’s #Breaking2) that documents my journey of breaking 3 hours in the marathon.

💻 Creator

Throughout my career, I have developed diverse technical skills to build out projects. Here are some of the tools I am constantly sharpening:

  • design: graphic design (Photoshop, Illustrator), video production (Final Cut Pro, After Effects)
  • development: front-end web development (HTML, CSS, JS), app-development (Angular, Ionic)

⚡️ Doer

Entrepreneurship and innovation are driving forces of my work. I co-founded two education technology startups involving emerging technologies:

  • First came TradeRoutes, a VR-based teaching tool that helped K12 teachers present history-focused field trips virtually in their classrooms.
  • Next was Luccia, a social VR platform that aspired to connect higher education clients together for virtual campus tours and learning experiences.

Technical project management is my next frontier and I am currently working through my PMP certification as I continue helping the teams I work with succeed to their fullest abilities.

📚 Education

  • Harvard Graduate School of Education:
    Technology, Innovation, and Education (Ed.M.) ‘17

  • Boston College:
    Applied Psychology & Human Development, Computer Science ‘16