My Visit to the Village

A weekend spent appreciating the simple life

This past weekend has definitely been my wildest experience in Nepal. My Nepali friend Raju invited me to his family's village for the Dashain holiday, Nepal's biggest festival of the year (think Christmas in the West) where family members come together from wherever they are. For four days, I was treated like family and lived the village life—a life that is simple yet beautifully sophicatated. Enjoy the video!

Video Blog #4


  • My first meal in the village - -
    Fried Hornets!

    Photo 1
  • Doing some homework

    Photo 2
  • Posing with a chicken

    Photo 3
  • Raju's Grandmother

    Photo 3
  • Post-Dashain Tika Ceremony

    Photo 3
  • Watching a Nepali film

    Photo 3